The Carrion Crown

Nights of Fire and Blood

Tying Up Loose Ends

After returning from the prison, our heroes spent a well-deserved day recuperating and resupplying. During that time they made some friends and learned of an important town meeting scheduled to occur that very night.

At the meeting, the townsfolk expressed their fears over the recent supernatural occurrences, only to be attacked by a spiritual attack. As the building burned and flaming skulls attacked the heroes helped rescue victims and put out the fire, greatly improving their reputation in the town. When all was said and done the town elders offered them a sizable reward if they could stop the hauntings.

Then, the heroes used their newfound “friendship” with the sheriff to set up a stake-out of the town monument, catching Gibbs in the act. They helped apprehend the madman and gained further favor in the town.

(+1,000 xp for each character = 3,661 total)


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