Kendra Lorrimor

Professor Lorrimor's daughter


Although he was getting on in years, the death of Professor Lorrimor was rather sudden and his daughter Kendra, a twenty-five year-old woman who has lived in Ravengro for nearly fifteen years (having moved here with her family as a child from Lepidstadt after her father retired from teaching), is still in mourning. Her eyes are red and puffy and she dresses in dark, conservative clothes. Trim and attractive, Kendra greets the PCs with a mixture of curiosity, sadness, and relief—no one else has come to pay their respects to her father, and “with things the way they are in town these days,” very few folks from Ravengro have come out for the funeral as well. Kendra waves off questions for now, promising the PCs that after her father is buried and they return to her house, she’ll answer any questions they have—both about her father’s death and about his will.


Kendra Lorrimor

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