The Carrion Crown

The Splatter Man

Emerging from the Torture Chamber into a secret, natural cavern, our heroes face a deadly Grey Ooze and barely emerge with their lives.

They then traveled deeper into the dungeons and encountered the ghost of the deadly Splatter Man and eventually defeated him.

(+1,360 xp for each character = 6,772 total)

Dark Haunts
Exploring the Dungeons

During a particularly harrowing combat against animated skeletons, Antoinette succumbs to the influence of Father Charlatan and slips into a mysterious trance. Therein, she confronts and defeats his vengeful spirit.

After recovering from that encounter, our heroes’ explorations led them to a torture chamber where they recovered the Warden’s keys and badge of office. There they were set upon by his severed hands, animated by foul magics, and fell victim to a haunted Iron Maiden.

(+856 xp for each character = 5,412 total)
(Characters reach 3rd level)

Descent into Madness
The Harrowtone Dungeons

With a renewed sense of purpose after the crises at the Town Hall, our heroes return to Harrowstone. They finally break into the vaults and secure personal items belonging to the prisoners who died in the fire.

In the upper stories, they encountered and defeated the dread Piper of Illmarsh and found the corpse of the despicable Father Charlatan.

They then climbed down into the lowest dungeon levels, encountering ghosts and skeletons along the way.

(+895 xp for each character = 4,556 total)

Nights of Fire and Blood
Tying Up Loose Ends

After returning from the prison, our heroes spent a well-deserved day recuperating and resupplying. During that time they made some friends and learned of an important town meeting scheduled to occur that very night.

At the meeting, the townsfolk expressed their fears over the recent supernatural occurrences, only to be attacked by a spiritual attack. As the building burned and flaming skulls attacked the heroes helped rescue victims and put out the fire, greatly improving their reputation in the town. When all was said and done the town elders offered them a sizable reward if they could stop the hauntings.

Then, the heroes used their newfound “friendship” with the sheriff to set up a stake-out of the town monument, catching Gibbs in the act. They helped apprehend the madman and gained further favor in the town.

(+1,000 xp for each character = 3,661 total)

Escape from Harrowstone
Day Two

After learning what they could from the ghost of Vesorianna, the heroes explore more of the main level, unearthing many new dangers and haunts. After some confusion and near-death experiences, they finally find their way out and return back to Ravengro to heal and resupply.

(+500 xp for each character = 2,661 total)

Exploring Harrowstone
Day One

The heroes explore the uppermost floors of the Harrowstone prison, and eventually confront the ghost of Vesorianna, who reveals much about what has happened and what needs to be done to put the spirits of the prisoners to rest. She also reveals that the Whispering Way, in the form of a group of cultists led by a thin, gray-skinned human who wore a bone breastplate and carried a black staff capped with a skull gagged by a black cloth.

(740 xp each)

The Dead Walk

The heroes continue to make inquiries and perform research, uncovering valuable information about the most dangerous of the unquiet spirits, the five prisoners who died during the Harrowstone fire.

That night, the dead begin to rise from their graves and wandering zombies plague the townsfolk, prompting the heroes to finally brave the old prison itself.

(501 xp each)

Raid on the Deadlands

After successfully infiltrating the cemetery and securing additional ghost-hunting gear, the heroes continue to do research on Harrowstone prison.

They learn from small children, thwart an attack by stirges in the town square, and discover that Vesorianna, the wife of the old prison warden, is the target of the vandal attacks.

(460 xp each)

The Reading of the Will

The heroes attend the reading of Professor Lorrimor’s will, where they discover that he has a complex task for them to perform involving returning several books of occult significance. They also discover Professor Lorrimor’s diary, and learn about his connection to a secretive organization called Whispering Way. Ultimately they agree to spend a month in Ravengro helping his daughter take care of his final affairs.

The next day they learn that, during the night, someone has defaced the monument to those who died in the Harrowstone fire with blood spelling out the letter “V”. They later scout the town and do some research about its history. Then they scout out the local cemetery in anticipation of raiding a cache of ghost hunting gear.

(460 xp each)

The Adventure Begins

The heroes arrive in Ravengro to attend the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor and are confronted with angry villagers who were not fans of the late professor.

(120 xp each)


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